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“Since starting the Meditation for Relaxation program, I feel much calmer throughout the day.”  - Haley

True well-being is your birthright. ~ Sura

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One of the greatest benefits you'll receive is stress-relief and the healing effects of meditation on the body and mind.  

Through relaxation, you have an opportunity to release incessant thoughts that may be causing you stress.  By focusing your attention on the body and breath, you'll be able to gain higher levels of awareness that allow you to let go and fully relax.

1) Release Stress

Stress is known to be the leading cause of disease. An estimated 75%-90% of all doctor visits are for stress-related issues.

2) Feel Rejuvenated

The practice of relaxation allows you to experience "rest and digest" which restores your mind & body to a state of balance.

Receive Major Health Benefits:

3) Increase Well-Being & Energy

Meditation has been known to regulate your mood, increase well-being as well as social connection.

"I am able to focus better and overall, feel better about myself. Not only do I have less stress, I feel full of energy." - Bob

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