Sura Flow

Realize Your Energy Potential through “Self-Discovery Yoga”


An Integrative Program of Healing Movement, Meditation & Coaching

Sura Flow is an Integrative method that moves a person towards greater wholeness.  It is a way of self-discovery that is natural, safe and supportive.  Through self-awareness, a practitioner creates a safe space for a client to go deep within and be aware of his or her bodily state, feelings and intuition.  By engaging various practices of yoga, meditation, healing and coaching, a practitioner works on “all levels” to restore true health for an individual’s body, mind & soul.

Sura Flow yoga emphasizes non-linear movement and letting go.  It is a unique blend of Kundalini Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi-like movements.  These movements activate the healing power (prana) of the body.  Circular, supine movements allow for greater flow of spinal fluid affecting the nervous system and encouraging parasympathetic (relaxed) states of being.  Movements are graceful and feminine, and are designed to support the natural structure of the body.  Through Sura Flow, one consciously practices moving from one’s center (the hara, located 2 inches below the belly button.)   Emphasis is placed on the inner sensation and attuning to one’s true experience. Deeply healing and nourishing, Sura Flow cultivates intuition, health and inner peace.

Sura Flow is a powerful method of healing and discovery.  It is a way of connecting to your core inner guidance to discover your unique gifts and true potential.  Sura Flow trainings support practitioners in refining their own integration of unique offerings.


Experience the Power of Surrender

The purpose of Sura Flow is to prepare the practitioner for healing and sitting meditation.  It is based on 5 Elements Healing practiced at the end of the movement series (Water, Fire, Earth, Air & Cosmos).  The Elements are used to cleanse and purify the body system, as well as increase right brain functions of visualization and imagination.  The sequence is intended to balance the body-mind and bring it to a place of grounded stillness so that it is easier for practitioners to be in meditation.  Sura Flow Guided Meditation techniques include breath awareness, observation and cultivating conscious states of being.  Sura Flow, when practiced consistently, allows a practitioner to discover her true potential naturally.

The value of Sura Flow comes from consistent, dedicated practice.


Understanding Energy & The Energy Body

Everything is made of energy.  You are made of energy, as well as your thoughts, feelings and physical being.  Each of us are unique in our shape and energy levels.  The primary focus of Sura Flow is working with the natural flow of energy and energy management.

By gaining a greater awareness of your energy and what affects you directly, you become more empowered to create positive change. Practicing stillness and connection to your center just a little bit each day can change the quality of your life.  More than a physical practice, Sura Flow is a way of being that encourages health, awareness and harmony.


Sura Flow Emphasizes

* Grounding & Releasing
* Non-Resistance
* Experiencing States
* Healing Sound Breathwork
* Circular, fluid, supine movements
* Heart-Opening
* Perceptual Awareness
* Healing
* Meditation
* Inquiry & Coaching


Benefits of Sura Flow

* Relaxing
* Healing
* Nurturing

“Water is fluid, soft and yielding.  But water will wear away rock, which is rigid and cannot yield.  As a rule, whatever is fluid, soft and yielding will overcome whatever is rigid and hard.  This is another paradox:  what is soft is strong.”  – Lao Tzu


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