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Meditation relieves stress, but it also has a deeper purpose. It helps you build an agile mindset, bringing creativity, freedom, and joy into your personal and professional life. When you practice mindfulness, life flows, synchronicities happen, and you find the focus you need to reach your goals.

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Develop your meditation practice with someone who understands the demands of a fast-paced professional lifestyle. As a former wall street executive, I have experience in dealing with the pressures of corporate life. I can guide you in releasing stress, making key decisions and establishing a consistent meditation practice.

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“Sura and her trainings are gems in the field.”

– Karrol, Harvard Medical School

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Simple and accessible regardless of faith or belief, our meditations utilize coaching to help you
find laser focus. We give you the tools to develop a meditation practice that really works for you.

Skip the commute and the hassle of parking. Nurture yourself, sharpen your vision, and replenish your passion for life –
all from the comfort of your home or office.

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“While working with Sura, I’ve been able to generate significant change in my life, gaining focus and propelling my career forward in a meaningful way.”

David, Media Strategist

“Sura rocks. She is an inspiration to anyone that seeks a higher baseline level of happiness, stress management, a spiritual guide, or executive coaching. Frankly, she changed my life.”

Steve, Hedge Fund CEO

“Sura’s knowledge and expertise goes beyond coaching. I highly recommend her to anyone interested in a in-depth process of self-discovery.”

Diana, VP of Fortune 500 company.

“The energy and awareness that I have gained as a result of doing this work with Sura has been profound. I am immensely grateful!”

Joy, CEO & Founder of Inward Bound

“Sura is a magical coach.”

David, Partner of Law Firm

"Working with Sura has completely accelerated my life goals."

Jaime, Executive Producer at HBO

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