Meditation + the Law of Attraction

Meditation and the Law of Attraction can be applied to anything in your life. Whether it’s work, an accomplishment, a future endeavor, or a personal relationship with another person, the law of attraction is based on the premise that like attracts like. If you think positive thoughts, you’re likely to attract positive experiences. If you [...]

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A Family Meditation

A family meditation right before slumber contributes to an incredibly restful, refreshing night of sleep for everyone. It’s beneficial for both adults and kids. A whole family meditation at night can actually be a fulfilling and bonding experience for everyone. You can listen this guided video meditation for the whole family. It will help you [...]

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This 3-Step Mindfulness Practice Can Help When Reading the News Feels Stressful

Reading the news these days can feel like a big whack in the head. Stunned and overwhelmed with so much negative information, your productive focus starts to dissipate. You feel less energetic. Your mind is left racing and your body in a slight panic — and you’ve got a whole list of things to do. These days [...]

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3 Tips to Stay Motivated in Meditation

Meditation enables us to center ourselves internally amidst the chaos, the negativity, and the turbulent, difficult times. It’s a spiritual tool that our society needs today, now more than ever, to persist positively even with the negative rhetoric clogging many of our news feeds. Like anything, meditation is a practice, and we can all use [...]

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Meditation and Prayer

Contrary to popular belief, meditation is a wonderful way to complement prayer, regardless of one’s religion, belief or faith. Both practices leaves individuals better able to identify their thoughts, dreams, and desires in a clarified manner. Meditation helps us “weed” out the garden – the garden being our minds – and leaves us clearer, more [...]

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How to Meditate with Distractions

People often don’t know how to meditate with distractions present because they believe they don’t have the time, but the truth is, meditation is a practice that can accommodate any kind of schedule and busy lifestyle. While we can benefit more from a consistent, daily sitting practice, it’s possible to meditate in our home, in [...]

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Guided Meditation for Motivation

We all suffer from procrastination and a lack of motivation– whether it’s avoiding going to the gym, cleaning, or even taking action on your soul’s calling. Meditation gives us the courage and insight to face our blocks. Procrastination is fear, masked. When we procrastinate, we resist. We know we should be doing something to move [...]

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7 Ways Meditation Can Tap Into Your Intuitive Guidance

Meditation is a powerful practice that helps us get in touch with our intuitive guidance. You could call this your higher-wisdom, divine intelligence – it’s your inner-compass that keeps you inwardly aligned. You can tap into this guidance through intention or prayer. When you’re centered and calm, you have greater access to the inner-knowing of [...]

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How Meditation Helps With Emotional Reactions to Negativity

One of the most important aspects of meditation is the development of constant self-awareness from a calm and collected standpoint. It is easy to forget the here and the now, and allow our minds to wander and entertain negative thoughts. When we’re triggered from external events, we contract inside. We fight, defend, justify, argue and [...]

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How To Release Inner-Struggle Through the Conscious Practice of Surrender

Do you feel you need to let go of inner-struggles and stress? We all do! But how can we let go with more ease and grace? Sometimes we get so caught up in doing the right thing, forcing positive, meditative thoughts through our minds that we actually end up trying too hard.  It prevents us [...]

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