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12-week intensive, 1-year immersion training course

Are you interested in guiding meditation for others? Do you want to deepen your own personal practice?

Consider joining our immersive training course designed for participants who want to delve deeper into their personal practice and become a Meditation Coach. With our integrative meditation practices that incorporate energy management and coaching, you’ll learn useful tools and techniques to cultivate inner-balance, deep calm and intuition.

As part of this program, you’ll learn how to guide meditation, as well as receive comprehensive training in leadership coaching and energy healing. During this insightful training course, you’ll learn how to bring unique value to your clients through meditation, and how to effectively integrate mindfulness practices together with other offerings.

By cultivating calm and presence with your clients, you provide them with life-long value. When your clients are grounded and centered, it’s easier to bring about greater insight and clarity – for both yourself and your clients. Learn advanced coaching skills by cultivating intuition and mindfulness with your clients.

Our professional trainings have been sponsored by corporations and Universities including
Harvard University.

Who This Course Is For

This course is ideally designed for

  1. Certified Coaches
  2. Health Professionals
  3. Yoga Instructors

Professionals who want to bring meditation and mindfulness into the workplace.

In Our 12-Week Intensive
Online Course, You Will Learn

An Overview:

Receive a strong foundation for meditation. Learn about how to practice, different types of meditation, the purpose of practice, and the benefits of meditation.

4 Meditation Techniques:

Learn the best approach for you to develop your own daily meditation practice. You will learn meditations that use concentration, awareness, visualization & intention-based practices.

The Essentials of
Leadership Coaching:

Learn how to ask the right questions and cultivate leadership presence for optimal results.

How to Coach
Yourself and Others

Develop essential tools of insight, reframing, feedback and reflection.

4 Approaches to
Energy Healing

Learn how to enhance meditation through essential healing practices including: self-healing, hands on healing, auric healing & distance healing.

The Energetics of Meditation
& Energy Management

Learn about the importance of energetic boundaries, how to increase your energy and how to consistently maintain your energy while seeing client after client.

How to guide a simple
meditation practice

Learn how to facilitate calming mindfulness practices for your clients. Practice 4 essential meditation techniques for cultivating relaxation, clarity and insight.

How to Create and Heal
through Intention

Learn how to bring your intentions to life through meditation.

Our training includes LIVE webcast training videos, handouts, meditation and coaching assignments. It requires approximately 15-20 hours per month to fully participate in the intensive training. As part of the curriculum, participants will engage in various exercises, including: meditation, writing, facilitating meditation and observing sessions.

Immerse Yourself in a
Year of Meditation.

  • You’ll receive an introduction and solid foundation to the practices and techniques that prepare you to facilitate meditation.
  • Learn to coach and heal yourself with practical tools you can apply to your personal, everyday life
  • Receive the essential basic skills needed for coaching and facilitation.
  • Learn how to guide any kind of meditation based on our library of techniques and tools.
  • You’ll receive 1 year of guided meditations and unlimited free coaching support by Sura.
  • No extensive experience of meditation is necessary before joining this program. All levels are welcome.

More than a meditation training, this is life-training

Why this Course?

Your health matters. The healthier you are, the more you can achieve, create and be of service to others.

Long lasting benefits such as lowered heart rates, clearer minds, and less stress come from inside, not outside. We all need an inside practice. As a practitioner, you will find that a consistent sitting practice is instrumental to receiving the long-lasting, positive benefits of meditation. It’s also vital to supporting health for your clients and patients. These long-lasting benefits include emotional well-being, increased focus and resilience to stress.

Maintaining a healthy internal balance and increasing daily resilience are important. When you allow yourself a bit of quiet each day, you attune to a healthier state of balance that allows you to navigate each day and situation with more ease and connection. This balance will follow you into every situation.

The clarity you receive from meditation helps to dispel the daily emotional chaos, overwhelm, and the regular demands of work and life. It not only releases stress, it improves every aspect of your life. Consider this training a course that you can take with you for the rest of your life.

This course gives you the tools and techniques to help you:

  1. Take advantage of what little time you have by tapping the restorative power of meditation and energy practice.
  2. Facilitate insight through coaching and meditation.
  3. Boost your productivity with tools to increase your energy and focus.
meditation coach training course

When you combine relaxation, coaching and healing practices into your meditation, growth happens. Your experience deepens and it draws powerful forces into your life. Learn to develop your natural flow state. Experience greater positive synchronicity and ease with meditation.

Weekly Course Topics during your 12-week Intensive

Week 1 : Essentials of Meditation

Week 2 : Developing Focus

Week 3 : Creating Awareness

Week 4 : Refining Your Practice

Week 5 : Healing through Balance

Week 6 : The Power of Healing Intention

Week 7 : Cultivating True Health

Week 8 : Guiding Healing Meditations

Week 9 : Creative Leadership Coaching

Week 10 : Essentials of Effective Coaching

Week 11 : Integrating Meditation & Coaching

Week 12 : Offering Your Gifts

Accelerate Your
Practice with
Coaching & Healing

You’ll learn how to combine meditation with life coaching and energy work to increase results for yourself and clients.

We have a supportive online community in place to help you grow, answer your questions, and cultivate community amongst your peers.

You receive FREE and LIVE group coaching sessions with Sura.

We built a guided video stream for all sessions you can access anywhere.

You receive life-time streaming access. That means all the work, guided meditation sessions, and materials from the course are always available for you.

Hello, I’m Sura.

I never considered myself a healer, a teacher, or a coach. But one day this all unexpectedly changed. A former friend and client from my Wall Street days asked me for help. I was shocked. He was a hedge fund CEO. He handled major accounts, managed a team of people and was a top performer in his field.

“I’m stressed out. Can you come over and show me what you learned in Asia? You look so peaceful. I need some of that.”

I met him at his midtown office in New York City. Going in I didn’t have a clear idea how I’d help him. At the time, I was attending coaching school at Georgetown. I had also learned yoga and healing while traveling through Asia.

We sat down on his carpeted office floor. I started guiding him through movement. We did a little stretching and yoga. From there we transitioned to a gentle breathing meditation. He responded by letting go. I followed this with healing, coaching and at the end, silence.

When we were done he quietly got up, stretched, and left the office. I was alone in his office wondering what he had experienced.

Imagine my surprise when he came back with a check and tears in his eyes.

That was the first time I brought together everything I had learned to create a cohesive experience. It was my first time experimenting with different modalities to create optimal healing and balance for another.

Time passed and I kept coaching. I saw that clients wanted to learn how to relieve their own stress. That’s when I began to start coaching sessions with a brief guided meditation, so clients could learn how to resource themselves.

Beginning sessions with meditation, I noticed how it effected and accelerated the coaching process. It quickly became apparent it was essential for clients to be connected to their body. By connecting with their inner-selves, they could experience deeper healing and valuable self-discovery.

When you’re in a calm and centered place, answers and insight flow more easily for your clients. When you provide this neutral, compassionate space for others, it allows them to connect more readily to their own inner wisdom. Meditation is a powerful tool for cultivating intuition, guidance and inner-vision.

By combining intention together with inner-stillness, you can experience accelerated meditation and healing results.

The results I noticed: Clients stopped relating from their head. They had connected their body to the present. Combining guided meditation together with life coaching helped people to receive and apply answers to their life coaching questions quickly. Meditation brought clarity that lowered the need for processing and helped facilitated inner-knowing. With meditation, there was less need for talking and more space for presence and higher awareness.

After working with clients for over a decade, I realized that empowering people with the knowledge of meditation is one of the greatest, long-lasting gifts anyone can offer.

Today my first client, who started this work with me – is now a chaplain for hospice.

He is a philanthropist for meditation advances in healthcare and continues to be an inspiration and catalyst for healing and meditation.

After working with a multitude of clients, I have seen the incredible transformations and subtle changes that create long-lasting lifestyle benefits that meditation and healing have to offer.

If you want to share this inner calm with your clients, it’s important to start with yourself.

The course gives you the tools to stay centered, meditate anywhere, and to meditate with your clients while you work.

Our meditations introduce a softer approach, one that includes gentleness, compassion and surrender. Our approach is designed to offer you dynamic balance, tools to boost your energy and personal joy – in all aspects of your life.

I hope you’ll consider joining me for this unique course. This training, or rather “un-training”, is designed to nurture, and support you in your own inherent wisdom and natural healing gifts.

If you have any questions, I invite you to contact me directly about this course. I would be delighted and honored to share this course experience with you.


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LIBERATE Meditation Coach Online Training

What’s Included in Your Training:
  1. 12-week intensive training hosted 90 minute video stream 1x/week (includes time for LIVE Q&A)
  2. Monthly 60-minute coaching webinars to develop your meditation coaching skills (9 months)
  3. 1 year of guided meditations (20 meditations/scripts that you can use for yourself as well as clients)
  4. An online community plus 1 year of group leadership coaching support from Sura
  5. Homework, exercises & handouts
  6. Morning pages & journaling
  7. Real, hands-on experience coaching and facilitating meditation

Weekly Investment during 12-week Intensive: Approximately 4-9 hours
Space is limited. We offer a limited number of scholarship awards each training based on financial need.

If you’re interested in becoming a Certified Meditation Coach, please read the certification requirements.

Choose Your Course Package

Package 1
Meditation Coach Training Course (without

  • Complete
    12-week Training Course
  • Lifetime streaming access to the 12 recorded sessions from the complete training course
  • 1-year of LIVE guided meditations and support
  • On-going monthly webinar training & coaching (9 hours) for the remaining year
  • Online community support and coaching for the entire year

Package 2
Meditation Coach Training Course (with 200-hour certification)

  • Complete
    12-week Training Course
  • Lifetime streaming access to the 12 recorded sessions from the complete training course
  • 1-year of LIVE guided meditations and support
  • On-going monthly webinar training & coaching (9 modules) for the remaining year
  • Online community support and coaching for the entire year
  • Receive certification
  • Join the SC partner program
  • 2 personal recorded coaching sessions with Sura

Package 3
2 for 1 Special:
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Meditation Coach Training Course
(with 200-hour certification)

  • Complete
    12-week Training Course
  • Lifetime streaming access to the 12 recorded sessions from the complete training course
  • 1-year of LIVE guided meditations
  • On-going monthly webinar training & coaching (9 modules) for the remaining year
  • Online community support and coaching for the entire year
  • Receive certification
  • Join the SC partner program
  • 2 personal recorded coaching sessions with Sura

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Applications are received on a first come, first served basis. Space is limited to ensure quality training.

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“Participating in the Sura Center training program has been one of the most exciting experiences in my life. Sura is incredibly gifted. After studying with her, I have become more insightful, gained greater clarity and feel better equipped to help others.”

–Dana Rodriquez, Drug Treatment Specialist, US Department of Justice

A Year of Meditation Practice

Each month after the intensive, you receive a 60 minute LIVE workshop webinar +  guided meditations you can practice with your clients

  1. Synchronicity: Learn how to use synchronicity as a guide to one’s destiny and purpose
  2. Leadership Coaching: Learn how to coach others for optimal success and balance
  3. Mindfulness for families: Best practices for guiding meditation for families & children
  4. Cultivating Resilience: Techniques and tools for reducing stress, anxiety & overwhelm
  5. Telepathy: How the practice of telepathy can heal and transform your consciousness
  6. Intention: How to effectively heal, manifest and create through mindful intention
  7. Unlock Your Intuition: Learn to read energy clearly for coaching and healing
  8. Energy Management: Learn to effectively manage your energy for productivity and success
  9. Embodied Balance: How to cultivate dynamic, embodied balance in modern day living

Recommended reading:

*Julia Cameron: The Artist’s Way
*Ram Dass: Journey of Awakening – A Meditator’s Guidebook
*Stuart Heller Ph.D. & David Surrenda Ph.D.: Retooling on the Run – Real Change for Leaders with No time.

Jon Kabat-Zinn: Wherever You Go, There You Are – Mindfulness Meditation in Everyday Life
Pema Chodron: Comfortable with Uncertainty – 108 Teachings on Cultivating Fearlessness and Compassion
Martha Beck: Finding Your Own North Star – Claiming the Life You Were Meant to Live
Sharon Salzberg: Real Happiness – The Power of Meditation – A 28-Day Program
Thich Nhat Hanh: Peace Is Every Step – The Path of Mindfulness in Everyday Life
Louise Hay: You Can Heal Your Life
Emmett E Miller, M.D. Deep Healing: The Essence of Mind/Body Medicine

Become a Leading-Edge Health Professional

Studies show many conditions benefit from an integrative approach to health. Practices that include meditation and mindfulness have been scientifically shown to promote health, emotional connection and well-being. Meditation is emerging as a powerful tool for stress reduction and healing. Stand out as a practitioner who equips others with the practice of mindfulness.

Expand your offering by providing the life-long gift of calm for others.

“I looked high and low for a training program like this, and I’m so delighted I took part. This training took me on a journey into myself, and by getting to know myself better, I came away better equipped to serve my clients. I could not have designed a more ideal training scenario

– bravo Sura!” –Meredith Klein, Chef & Owner of Pranaful

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