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Meditation and “Being in the Zone”

“The zone is a state of mind which is marked by a sense of calmness. In addition, there is a heightened sense of awareness and focus. Actions seem effortless and there is an increased belief that your dreams or goals can become achievable and real. In addition, there is also a sense of deep enjoyment

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When to Work Things Out or Walk Away?

How can meditation help you decide whether to work things out or simply walk away?  6 guided coaching questions to ask yourself. Have you ever been caught up in a situation that causes constant frustration, anxiety and struggle? Whether it’s a family member, co-worker or friend, you’ve probably noticed how difficult it can become to

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Find Peace Daily

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with your racing thoughts and all that you need to do? Have you ever noticed the experience this creates in your body? I invite you to join me on my daily walk as I talk about what you can do to quickly shift this hyperactive state so that you feel more

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Writing as a Spiritual Practice

This week I saw a story in the BBC about how writing can heal the body. I thought this was a fascinating article that highlights the importance of writing about our emotional or traumatic experiences and how putting words to paper can be naturally healing. This would potentially save quite a bit of money in

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Upcoming LIVE Challenge

  I’m excited to announce that we’ll be hosting an Online Meditation Coaching Challenge. Click to learn more and sign up! JUNE 20, 21, 22nd:        

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Find Calm at this Special Island

Traveling for pleasure and passion is a wonderful way to reconnect to the spirit. New environments have a tendency to put you more in touch with the present moment. When I took time to travel after I left Wall Street, I backpacked through Asia and it was deeply centering. It felt like a shamanic soul

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