17 05, 2016

Guided Meditation for Healing

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Healing means different things to different people. Some people assume that if you need healing, something is wrong with you and you need to be "fixed." Others may see healing as a journey towards your highest self and potential. You'll notice the word "heal" comes from "health." It is the process of becoming whole, of [...]

10 05, 2016

Slow Down With Meditation

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Life today moves at a faster and faster pace. The rhythm at which we move, engage, and receive information can throw off our own internal sense of rhythm. We might find ourselves feeling caught up in the whirlwind of busyness, unable to slow down and catch up with ourselves. When we're moving quickly, we might [...]

3 05, 2016

Why Meditation is an Important Component of Self-Care

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In today’s busy, ever-demanding world, we find ourselves constantly running around, unable to slow down and take care of ourselves. Our incessant busyness can make us run near empty. When we’re so caught up in giving to others, fulfilling obligations, and performing tasks, we forget to reflect on our own mental, spiritual, and physical well-being. [...]

5 04, 2016

Meditation for Chaos, Politics & Drama

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Do you get annoyed when people don't agree with you politically? How do you apply the practice of meditation to parts of your life that feel messy, stuck and drama-queen crazy? In this short video clip, I offer meditation tips where you can apply this ancient practice to the challenging areas of your life today. [...]

17 03, 2016

Meditation for Everyday Life

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One of the things I often hear is, "I'm too busy to meditate!  I have to do my taxes, housework, and everyday responsibilities!"  Meditation for Daily Life What can you do instead?  Meditate while you do.  Here's a 10 minute video guide on how you can meditate while you do anything, even washing your dishes! Learning [...]

15 01, 2016

Meditation Coaching for Living Boldly!

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I don't believe in just meditating. It's what you do with your meditation that matters most.  How do you bring it into your life?  How can you integrate meditation in your everyday life through your actions & intentions? Meditation is a wonderful tool for resourcing yourself and learning how to breathe.  While meditation can create [...]

10 12, 2015

How To Shift Stress in the Moment

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Our mind is often the biggest cause of our stress. What it perceives and thinks can layer our experience and make things seem more stressful than they really are. The mind is like a booby-trap, it’s filled with circular thinking and past thoughts. Instead of trying to change the mind with the mind, here’s a [...]

25 10, 2015

How To Deal With Projection

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When I first decided to leave Wall Street to follow my dreams of world travel, I received a variety of responses from my loved ones and co-workers.  Some were shocked, some were envious, some disappointed.  I found out that several of my co-workers called me "crazy" behind my back.  A few good friends were genuinely [...]

12 10, 2015

Peace in Assisi

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Ever since I saw Brother Sun, Sister Moon, the story of St. Francis, I felt inspired to come to Assisi, Italy.  Recently I attended a five day silent retreat at Simple Peace in the countryside of Assisi. I stayed in an elegant, yet simple room. Our days consisted of an hour of meditation morning, an [...]

23 06, 2015

Island Travel Adventure

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Of all the places I've traveled, the B.C. islands continue to be my favorite place to rest and recharge. Being surrounded by water, massive trees and gentle mountains make it a haven for my spirit to soar and feel free. The feeling is visceral and people often comment on the way they feel when they're [...]

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