Sura Flow Complete Integrative Program
/Sura Flow Complete Integrative Program
Meditation for Relaxation

Sura Flow Complete Integrative Program


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Product Description

Energize and restore your body-mind-soul with Sura Flow, a gentle yet powerful practice for every body.

Sura Flow is an integrative blend of movement, healing and meditation. Circular, wave-like motions support the natural structure of the body, allowing for greater flow throughout the body and spinal column. Deeply healing and restorative, Sura Flow cultivates inner-peace, health and intuition. A comprehensive program, it includes two yoga sequences, deep healing and relaxation, and a guided meditation.

This practice is designed for every level, from beginner to advanced practitioners.

  1. Grounding & Centering Meditation – 6 min
  2. Sura Flow Yoga Seated Practice -30 min
  3. Sura Flow Yoga Active Practice – 20 min
  4. Sura Flow Full Practice – 53 min
  5. 5 Elements Healing – 11 min
  6. Guided Meditation – 10 min

Filmed in the natural beauty of Boulder, CO. Total running time: 100 minutes.

Includes high-definition video streaming and download. (Includes Sura Flow Meditation Program).

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