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3 Ways to Apply Meditation to Stressful Relationships

We’ve all endured difficult situations with other individuals. People can throw us off-center every single day. What do you do when you feel pulled, pushed, depleted, compressed and driven haywire by the most challenging people in your life? The way we process stressful connections has a lot to do with how we perceive and digest [...]

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5 Ways Meditation Improves the Quality of Your Life

If you had two hours to watch a movie, would you want to see it on an old TV or a new high-definition TV with surround sound? Obviously you’d choose the HD TV. Just as technology can enhance our experience, so can the practice of meditation. From improving our senses, our intuition, our creativity, meditation [...]

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3 Ways Meditation Can Help if You Have Chronic Stress, Pain & Illness

We’ve all faced health challenges at some point in our lives. During those times, it can really shake us up. It can force us to take a closer look at our lives, the way we live, and how we take care of ourselves. Several years ago, I came down with a parasitic illness that didn’t [...]

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How to Inspire Daily Meditation Practice

If you want to have a consistent practice, it’s important to create a meditation practice that inspires you to meditate every day. Each person is unique. To give one practice to everyone and expect it to work for them long-term seems impractical. The majority of folks cannot sit in cross-legged position on the floor. Many [...]

Start A Meditation Practice In 10 Breaths

If you've ever wanted to start meditation, but didn't know where to begin, here's a short video to get you started.  It can begin as simply as 10 breaths.  People come to meditation for a myriad of reasons.  The benefits are limitless and sometimes unexpected.  Whether you're coming to meditation for inner peace or to [...]

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