3 Ways to Apply Meditation to Stressful Relationships

We’ve all endured difficult situations with other individuals. People can throw us off-center every single day. What do you do when you feel pulled, pushed, depleted, compressed and driven haywire by the most challenging people in your life? The way we process stressful connections has a lot to do with how we perceive and digest [...]

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Release Stress in 5 Minutes

Stress is this invisible force that builds inside our bodies, minds and nervous system.  It ties us up in knots, has us thinking in different directions-- and before we know it, it's hard to undo the mini-fortress that stress has taken up within our body. When stress has it's invisible grip on us, we don't [...]

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Overcoming Resistance

When something or someone rubs you the wrong way, how do you deal with it? 1.   Avoid them  2.  Make them wrong   3.  Make yourself wrong   4.  Resist them   5.  Cut them out of your life  6.  Pretend you're better   7.  Shut down   8. Withdraw    9. Eat chocolate The list goes on.  We want to [...]

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