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6 Month Online Certified Training Course

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Are you a therapist, coach or doctor who wants to incorporate meditation into your personal practice and also for your clients?

Do you want to deepen your own personal practice?

Do you want to learn how to facilitate guided meditations for others?

Meditation for Relaxation

This one year online course is specifically designed for participants who want to delve deeper into their personal practice and also learn how to guide the process of meditation for others. The Sura Center Meditation Coach Training is perfect for health professionals, human resources and other services that benefit from mindfulness practices in the workplace. Anyone can benefit from this one-year online program to becoming a certified Meditation Coach.

A Meditation Coach is someone who facilitates the practice of meditation for others. He/she shares the direct benefit of meditation and is also able to provide coaching for personal development. As part of this program, you’ll not only learn how to guide meditations for others, you’ll receive comprehensive training in leadership coaching and energy management. You’ll also learn how to integrate meditation together with coaching and other practices.

Participants in the Sura Center Meditation Coach Training will strengthen and develop their own personal meditation practice. They will learn basic meditation techniques that cultivate focus, awareness and visualization. Trainees will also practice a variety of meditation tools that incorporate healing and relaxation techniques. They will learn how to provide meditation experiences for others for any purpose, including healing, relaxation, productivity, intuition &creativity.

The Sura Center Meditation Coach Training includes LIVE webcast training videos, handouts, meditation and coaching assignments. It requires approximately 15-20 hours per month to fully participate in the training. As part of the curriculum, participants will engage in various exercises, including: meditation, writing, receiving coaching sessions, giving coaching sessions, and observing sessions. Participants will also learn how to synthesize various holistic practices as part of their coaching offering.

Learn advanced coaching skills by cultivating intuition and mindfulness with your clients.

This program is designed for participants who want to discover their own unique offering and put it into practice for their clients. This is an excellent training for professionals who want to enhance their career with coaching, meditation and personal development. No extensive experience of meditation is necessary before joining this program.

Sponsored by Organizations & Universities including Harvard University.

This Course Includes:

  • 6 hours of online coach training per month
  • Handouts, materials & books
  • 1/hr of professional coaching/month

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Meditation for Relaxation


“Sura’s training has been thought provoking and inspiring! I feel as though I have learned a new way to be in the world, and I find that I now see options where there used to be dead ends. I would recommend the training for anyone who is feeling stuck in their own life or who wants to gain tools to empower others.”

Owner of Willow Wellness

“Sura and her trainings are gems in the field. After a long search to find a certified coach program that fits my needs and values, I finally found what I was looking for at Sura Center. Body, Mind, Spirit are fully encompassed in the experience. As a trainee you not only learn how to coach others, but also the art of coaching as a unique form of healing. By the end of the experience, not only did I receive the accomplishment of finishing the program with a new skillset to be shared, but also a renewed sense of self that can only be further built upon as I take my own journey forward.”

Harvard Medical School

“I am astounded at how much life has changed for me since starting this coaching course. Sura’s knowledge of ‘life’ is fantastic and really makes you just be and breathe! Not so much question as to why & how? But just be in the totality of it all, whatever it is, just be and breathe. Never imagined twice a month phone sessions would be so informative and transformative. Thank you!”

Executive Assistant